MyMedela App Reviews

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Easy tracking for new mums

Great app. Easy to use tracking for breastfeeding, pumping and diapers. Highly recommend.

No response in server!!

I loved this app until the past few days...I cant sign on, it keeps saying the server is down. Anyone else having this issue? So frustrating to lose all my data!


Decent content but continually crashes, logs out and forces password resets. I uninstalled several times to give it another try but have now moved on to another app.

Dont recommend

This app sucks. Its easy to use but its always freezing/system error/logging me out


Logs me out constantly, tells you its been 5+ hours in between pumps/feeds... hard to get an accurate time. Super frustrating, hope they update soon.

Overall pretty good

Overall this is a pretty good app. It does crash more than I would like but its less frequent after upgrading from an iPhone 5c to an IPhone 6. The app tracks time for you while you breastfeed and pump and you can track both at the same time. Its nice to be able to see daily and weekly volumes for breastfeeding and pumping. I wish they had a total option for diapers. I also wish they would change the volume so you can track to The .10oz versus .25oz. In the beginning when your milk is coming in, and later if youre trying to increase your supply, its helpful to know more exact measurements. It would further be helpful for the weight to be tracked in pounds and ounces versus just "10.25lbs."

Great app, would love more stats

I have really enjoyed this app for documenting multiple items all in one spot. However I would like an area as they get older to document what type of food theyve tried to eat as well as more stats to be able to see from what Ive tracked on sleeping. The one issue Ive had consistently is it not saving my notes so I have to put it in a few times to keep it.

Perfect app for breastfeeding

Easy to use

Always logs you out

Very annoying that I always have to log in, which takes about 2-5 minutes. Ive officially deleted this app.

Logs me out randomly

Love the app for tracking feedings, diapers, etc.. However, it is extremely frustrating to keep having to log back in multiple times per day, especially in the middle of a feeding. I used this app for the first few weeks of my babys life, but will be switching to another app!

Good app

Overall, this is a pretty good app. Its a little buggy. It randomly logs me out while Im using it, and thats annoying. I also wish I could look at sleep on a chart or a list by itself. And I wish I could see sleep and feedings as a chart that shows duration together. But I would still recommend it.

Total disappointment

Was using the app and really enjoying the ease it gave me in the first few days of learning to breastfeed... Until it completely erased my profile and log during a 4 am feeding. Now the 4 days of tracking I need to show my lactation consultant were for nothing.

Logs you out

The app recently started logging me out every few uses and Ive also noticed when I go to save a feeding time the time changes as it saves

I Love it!!!

As a first time parent, the MyMedela app has been extremely helpful during this first week with my daughter. I would be a wreck this week trying to remember or haphazardly trying to write down all the stats that the MyMedela app does at the touch of a button. I LOVE it!!!

Good app, when it works

Good way to track breastfeeding and pumping sessions but frustratingly slow at times. Also randomly kicks you out and requires you to log back in too often!

Love this app

I really do love this app it is a great way for me to keep track of all of her feelings and diapers through out the day. The only negative to this app is that it works from a server and sometimes it will not connect. Meaning i dont have a for sure time on when I feed her last. Other wise I love this app and will recommend it to others.

Love it

I love this app its very easy to use and helpful keeping track of the babies feeding. It also gives you information on your babies development.

Love hate

I love the app and the ability to easily track weight, height, feedings, and diaper changes. I wish it had the ability to track head circumference. Also, I hate that I am constantly signed out. There is no option to keep me signed in or to remember me. It is very inconvenient being signed out constantly.


Helpful tool

Error message made me lose interest.

Im a new mom w/ a 3 day old infant at trying to breastfeed and I downloaded the app and have been tracking my feedings. Tonight (after a whole day of feedings tracked) the app wouldnt open correctly and said Medela was unavailable and an error occurred. I closed/reopened the app multiple times but the message still showed up. Im bummed if I lost that feeding information and not interested in logging more feedings/using the app if it does re-open correctly for the risk of it occurring again.

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