MyMedela 앱 리뷰

Love it!

Makes tracking everything SO easy! I have a Sonata pump and I absolutely love that my pumps are automatically tracked! It’s perfect for keeping track of how many ounces/how many times I’m pumping per day! Love it!

Perfect App!


Great App!

This is an amazing app to help keep track with your newborn/infant.

Simple and Seamless

This app is exactly what I’m looking for . Easy to use and track - very straightforward, nothing complicated considering when one is care taking around the clock . The app opens seamlessly, I’ve not had an issue signing in . My favorite feature is the dashboard at a glance.


I love how it works with the Sonata pump! My only issue is that if I do the quick track I have to go back in and look at it or it keeps a status of “add” and doesn’t show in my stats. I also kind of wish I could customize what I see in my stats list ie. remove what I don’t use.

Best new parenthood app ever

I don’t normally write reviews for apps but I have to rave about this one. I’m a new parent in this world of breastfeeding and caring for a newborn and this app helps me keep track of everything I need- feeding times and diaper changes- how often, when and other notes. It’s easy to use, intuitive and both my husband and I can log in diaper changes and breastfeeding/pumping times. Highly recommend!

Needs Apple Watch compatibility

This app is great to track feedings but would be so much better if it worked with the Apple Watch. I’d love to not have to have my phone with me all the time to start tracking a session.

Conectividad con la app

Vivo en Colombia y no puedo conectar mediante Bluetooth mi Medela Sonata con la aplicación MyMedela

For the Apple Watch

Please make an Apple Watch version! Would be so much easier to track rather than carrying my phone with me everywhere 😓

Love this app but has quirks

This app was a lifesaver as a new mom. It tracks diaper changes, breastfeeding, and pumping. Though I didn’t utilize it as much it even allows you to track height and weight (our Pedi does this for us so not much use for it). I appreciated the ability to contact a lactation consultant whenever I needed one (who knows where to find those anymore?!). But, I will say the app has some quirks you need to be aware of. It will occasionally log you out. If you choose to manually enter time for a session it defaults to the last breast you fed/pumped on and you will have to also manually select which side you used. And the quick track only shows up in the list or day overview not under stats for whatever you auto logged. For example if I didn’t want to open and log the details of a diaper change just that one occurred I would hit the quick track but it doesn’t show up under diaper instead only under list or day overview.

Love it so far

The app is easy to use and I’ve had no issues with it

Useless since last update

My app has been stuck showing “24 weeks before birth” for a week now. My baby is almost a year old. No way to fix it, I’ve tried logging out, reinstalling, and restarting my phone. Besides the lag and occasional unresponsive crap, this was the final nail in the coffin with this app for me.

Love the app!

Love using the app and that I can export the data. Wish I could track other things like medicine and tummy time!

Pretty good tracking app

I can track diapers, bottles, breastfeeding sessions, and weight which I love! I use it everyday, and it has helped me keep track of my daughter’s feeding sessions to make sure she’s getting enough milk each day. Thanks also enter her weight after a doctor’s visit, and it shows where she lies in a percentile chart - I believe it’s from the WHO. Anyway, I love this app.


Besides is saying I’m logged out when I’m not, lately it’s been “tracking” my sessions and when I hit end session it shows a previous date and time that already has everything logged. It showed one from early July at 10pm.... the date on my phone is correct. I’m sure I’ve messed up a few of my logs today and now I’m missing logs from today since I didn’t notice the dates this morning.

App Trouble

I can’t get into the app. It won’t let me create an account so I have no idea if it’s good or not.

Great app; would like a couple more things

I love this app and use it every day. However, I wish there were a star or astrix or something in the Stats to indicate if a note was made. It would be great to be able to quickly read that note as well. I also wish you could track baths.


This app is amazing!!

I wish pump tracking would actually track!

The app is great when it works right. I can’t tell you how many times it’s just stopped tracking my pumping session after I’m 100% certain I started it or not saved my results making me have to think back to how many ounces I pumped 12 hours ago. I love that you can export your totals, but I really wish the pump tracking issue would be resolved. I had to start using pump log until it’s fixed. Please fix this!

Had to lower my rating...

The app works well, however, when I’m trying to enter in the different items, it’s very difficult to press the save button and the back button. The save and back buttons are very small. Increasing the font size, or just the area around those two terms would be very helpful. That way while I’m nursing or right after changing a diaper it would be easier to save that information. Quite often instead of hitting save I would hit the baby icon which is frustrating when you have an infant on one hand and a little one on the other. I’ve actually stopped using the app because it was frustrating trying to save the items I would record.

highly recommend!

i’m a first time mom and i wish i knew about this before leaving the hospital! they always want to know when you fed your baby and how long and my days ran together so much i didn’t know what time it was half the time i was there! this app would have been great, now i just use it at home and still get so much use. it lets me physically see that he is eating and producing the diapers he needs to. SO THANKFUL FOR THIS APP & side note: i love my medela pump & nipple cream.

Login Issues

This app is great for tracking feeding, pumping and diapers. I love that it syncs with my Sonata pump. However, the app FREQUENTLY logs me out and does not allow me to log back in without resetting the app or restarting my phone. This is extremely frustrating, especially in the late night/early morning feedings. This issue is frustrating enough that I am looking for alternate apps for baby’s tracking.

Login issues

Please fix the login issues!!! I love the app but it’s difficult to use if I can’t login! 🤨

The reviews are accurate

I've been using this since 7/27 and aside from the log in issues that I have not yet experienced, the top complaints are that it takes forever to load and it deletes/does not save entries

Can’t create account

Trying to register and keep getting the message “email or password incorrect” but they can’t be incorrect because I have never made an account before.

The worst!

You can’t login. There’s absolutely no working component to this entire app. You can’t access your own information, register, or shop as promised. Never been more disappointed in an app.

Pause function during pumping and breastfeeding times

Easy to navigate. A lot of functions. And it allows you to pause during pumping and breastfeeding which sold me on the app

Twin Mode?

We really like the app but we’ve noticed it’s not really designed for twins/multiples. What I mean is, why do we have to pick a baby for pumping sessions for the Sonata? We aren’t pumping for one, but two babies at the same time.

Great app for working moms

Great app! Would recommend to working moms for tracking pump sessions.

Doesn’t work

There is a bug that won’t allow you to sign up for an account, so you can’t access the app. It just brings you to a login screen and when you enter an email and password and try to set up a new account it says incorrect email and password.

Easy to use

I like being able to track everything I need and seeing trends. Super easy and efficient.

Great except login issue

Would have given it five stars except others have mentioned it does log you out and take a couple tries to log back in Otherwise I love this app because I can keep track of everything that my pediatrician is going to ask me about my three week old baby… It’s easy to time feedings and record everything that’s important to track in the first couple months


I downloaded the app and for three days I am still unable to register. Huge “glitch” the app is unable to be used. This needs to be fixed or I’ll be returning my breast pump.

Great app

Medela app help me track everything with my baby. It’s very helpful !

Log on issues

At least 3-5 times a day when I try to open the app it says I’ve logged out it need to create in account when I never logged out. I attempt to relaunch the app & it sometimes takes multiple times before it realizes I’m logged in still. Plus it takes FOREVER to load. I love the tracking portion of the app as it is very simple. I also love the day overview page as well. I’ll continue to use the app despite the log in issues just wish it would get fixed because it’s super annoying


Can’t even use the app because it says mymedela is unavailable come back soon...

Tracker is great

The only feature I use is the feeding tracker, but it is great. I love being able to see how much my son breastfed each day and the amount he took from a bottle, plus my pumping output. Helps us keep up with the unpredictable newborn schedule!

Really Like The App but Suggestion

I really like this app it helps me remember when all feedings and pumping sessions occurred. I even like I can track pumping when not using my smart pump and using my back up pump. I do have a suggestion... please add a widget so that I can just open Notification Center and log a bottle, pumping, and diaper change etc from the widget center! :)

Log Out Issue

I love this app! I probably don’t NEED to use it, but I’m obsessed. Recently I’ve had issues with the app keeping me logged in. Every time I go to track a feeding I have to log back in.

So helpful!

This app helped me get my milk supply back on track after a bout of mastitis. I’m so grateful! Only suggestion is an alarm function to remind when to nurse when working on increasing supply.


This app is very nice to have! It makes tracking everything so easy and it’s easy to navigate as well. My only complaint lies with the weight section. Why oh why can I not enter her exact weight?! For example my daughter currently weighs 7lbs 6.5oz however the ‘nearest’ weight option to chose from is 7.5 or 7.75. There’s no in-between. Seems to me like you should be able to chose or enter the exact weight your child is. I would love it if you could update that so exact weights can be entered.

Can’t log

I just purchased my Sonata and I'm trying to connect through the app for the first time and it keeps telling me that my email/password is incorrect. I don't get to because I was registering as a new user so how can my information be incorrect???? Now I can't track my first pump session. I'm not too happy about this.

Login Issues

I used this app 2 years ago to track breastfeeding and it logged me out frequently which was frustrating. I downloaded again with my second baby thinking it had been 2 years so they should have fixed the issue by now but it still does the same thing. The app is great but having to re-login multiple times a day is not worth it to me.

Login issues

I’ve been asked to login multiple times a day and my password- which I haven’t changed- is almost always incorrect. Very frustrating when trying to breastfeed on demand and track. The app is also taking forever to load as well. Please fix!


Now using this app for the second time with baby 2. Easy and reliable and I even love the inspirational messages it sends me. 10/10 would recommend. 👍🏽

Like it

It has all the functions I need for first few months of breast feeding and tracking on the Baby. If I have to give suggestion, it will be great if it can be customized to keep records on ransoms things such as what time the vitamins is given to the baby.

Soooo slow

This has to be the slowest app I have. It’s very frustrating when I’m trying to log the start of my baby nursing and it’s just spinning and spinning bc it’s loading. None of my other apps do this. On the other hand, I do love that it connects via Bluetooth to my Medela Sonata to store info. It’s also have multiple way to view your breastmilk data.

List tracker

Overall: A must; I love the option to keep track of my sessions. I wish the “list” would show the total oz for the day every time I open it. I do not like seeing the same warning about the frequency of pumping and the gap between pumps. Needs a better way to find articles quickly, and a way to clear articles already read.

Works great

This app works great to keep a record of my babies happenings. Just wish there was an option for twins. I need something to keep track of my twins.

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